John Leicester


John Leicester joined the Board of VTCT Trustees in October 2013.

John qualified as a teacher, then later as a social worker and finally took a masters degree in Social Policy.

He started his career in education as a secondary school physical education teacher, then quickly moved into special education – the approved school /community home with education system. He progressed through the ranks at Barnardo’s becoming a Deputy Principal for Education in 1977, Deputy Principal Care in 1986 and Principal in 1995

Having succeeded in changing the way delinquent and disturbed young people were educated and cared for he moved in 1998 to Barnardo’s Head Office, to influence and effect change from the top.. He retired from the post of National Education Coordinator in 2010 after 30+ years with the charity.

Vocational Education has played a major role in his working career – researching and opening several vocational centres for Barnardo’s throughout the UK. This feasibility / consultation work has also included the development of an employability skills programme, in conjunction with an external sponsor, and drawing on the expertise of practitioners and young people.

John in retirement continues to be involved in creating opportunities for young people through being the Chair of Barnardo’s South East Fostering Panel and a trustee of Youthbuild UK

John brings to VTCT an in depth knowledge of education and the third sector.