Practice Papers and Mark Schemes

Please note that these practice papers are not mock exams. The papers are for illustration purposes only and are designed to provide the learner with an example of what to expect when they sit their live exam, e.g system navigation and question layout. There are mark schemes available for each practice paper but the marking must be done before the learner moves on to the next question, no answers are available once the paper has been completed.

Unfortunately SkillsFirst do not currently offer mock exams.


Title Practice Paper Mark Scheme
English Reading Level 1     
English Reading Level 2
English Writing Level 1
English Writing Level 2



Title Practice Paper Mark Scheme
Mathematics Level 1            
Mathematics Level 2



Title Practice Paper Mark Scheme
Navigation Test N/A
ICT Level 1 - 'Theme Park'
ICT Level 2 - 'Theme Park'
ICT Level 2 - 'Nursery School'