Learner Services

A successful career gives you the chance of doing what you want to do in the way you want to do it. Through VTCT you can take qualifications that cover every aspect of the skills necessary for success in your chosen career.

On registering with VTCT, you will receive a lifetime registration number.

Keep your registration number safe as VTCT may not be able to help you, should you have problems whilst you are studying, if you cannot quote this. Your number will tally with our records and can be used to prove that your centre has enrolled you on the correct course. You can also use your registration number everytime you apply for further VTCT qualifications, even if you chose to move to an alternative VTCT approved centre.

You should also be given a VTCT Student badge by your training centre to wear while you are training.

Replacement Certificates and related e-services 

VTCT is changing its replacement certificate service using a new Linx2Validate service that is now currently live for Learners and Employers (Centres coming soon). Please note that Linx2Validate is only available to learner's who achieved their qualification post 2009. If you are unsure as to when you achieved your qualification please contact customer support before registering for Linx2Validate, +44 (0) 2380 684500

This new service will allow learners to use one link to:

  • Order replacement certificates (£35 charge per certificate)
  • Create and share e-certificates
  • Order stylish and enlarged framed presentation certificates
  • Share with third party (e.g. employer or college) electronic certificate proof of achievement

Learners will need to create a free Linx2Validate account to access the new service.

Alternatively, payments can be taken by credit or debit card over the telephone by our Customer Support team via +44 (0) 23 8068 4500 or you can complete a VT16 Certificate Request Form. VTCT introduced a redesigned certificate in 2014 (as below). If the original certificate was issued before this date and we cannot print it in full, we will send a letter confirming all full awards completed as shown on our records.

All replacement certificates will be annotated “Duplicate” as agreed with the regulatory authorities. We cannot enter into any correspondence regarding awards which do not appear on our records.

Please note: Only if the reason for replacement is acceptable to VTCT (e.g. lost, stolen, destroyed etc) will a replacement certificate be issued. Once the search has been completed, this fee is non-refundable.


If you hold a VTCT Diploma (37 credits or above) or Certificate (13 to 36 credits) at Level 4 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), Level 7 (Scotland), or Level 6 (Ireland) and the certificate was dated after 31st December 2011, they may put the appropriate format below after their name:

“ADip” implies “Advanced Diploma”, “ACert” implies “Advanced Certificate”                                                     

VTCT Qualification Sector Diploma Certificate
Beauty Therapy ADipBT (VTCT) ACertBT (VTCT)
Hairdressing & Barbering ADipHB (VTCT) ACertHB (VTCT)
Complementary Therapy ADipCT (VTCT) ACertCT (VTCT)
Sports & Active Leisure ADipSAL (VTCT) ACertSAL (VTCT)
Hospitality & Catering ADipHC (VTCT) ACertHC (VTCT)
Business & Retail ADipBR (VTCT) ACertCS (VTCT)
Customer Service ADipCS (VTCT) ACertCS (VTCT)

If you hold a Diploma (37 credits or above) or Certificate (13 to 36 credits) at Level 3 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), Level 6 (Scotland), or Level 5 (Ireland), and received your certificate after 1st January 2012, you may put the appropriate format below after your name:

“HDip” implies “Higher Diploma”, “HCert” implies “Higher Certificate”

VTCT Qualification Sector Diploma Certificate
Beauty Therapy HDipBT (VTCT) HCertBT (VTCT)
Hairdressing & Barbering HDipHB (VTCT) HCertHB (VTCT)
Complementary Therapy HDipCT (VTCT) HCertCT (VTCT)
Sports & Active Leisure HDipSAL (VTCT) HCertSAL (VTCT)
Hospitality & Catering HDipHC (VTCT) HCertHC (VTCT)
Business & Retail HDipBR (VTCT) HCertCS (VTCT)
Customer Service HDipCS (VTCT) HCertCS (VTCT)

If you hold a Diploma or Certificate at Level 2 (England, Wales and Northern Ireland), Level 5 (Scotland), or Level 4 (Ireland) you may put the appropriate format below after your name:

VTCT Qualification Sector Diploma Certificate
Beauty Therapy DipBT (VTCT) CertBT (VTCT)
Hairdressing & Barbering DipHB (VTCT) CertHB (VTCT)
Complementary Therapy DipCT (VTCT) CertCT (VTCT)
Sports & Active Leisure DipSAL (VTCT) CertSAL (VTCT)
Hospitality & Catering DipHC (VTCT) CertHC (VTCT)
Business & Retail DipBR (VTCT) CertCS (VTCT)
Customer Service DipCS (VTCT) CertCS (VTCT)