At the end of April 2011, I was made redundant from the company I had worked at for seven years. I was pretty despondent, but as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. My silver lining was finding out about funding that could help me to improve my skills. I thought now was my time to build on the skills I already had.

My knight in shining armour was Margaret Tuxford at The Preston Therapy Centre.

Once the practical course was over, then the hard slog began in the form of 100 hours practice time. Many asked if I resented having to do that many hours, unpaid, but I have to say not at all, those hours helped me to really learn and develop my new skills. Through the hours, I gained experience with sports teams, ranging from a Sunday League Football team to a professional Squash Player.

I managed to complete my practice hours just over a year after I started. Now I have gained my new qualification, I hope to move forward with my career and treat many more professional athletes. My aim after the success of the London Olympics is in four years time to go to Rio 2016 as a Sports Massage Therapist.