If there was ever a time where the quote “practice makes perfect” renders true, this was it.

For me, practising on close relatives and friends allowed my techniques to become more fluent and stable. My passion for the industry steered me to optimise my skills through private one-on-one training at the Biz Media Make-up and Hair Academy. A number of excellent sessions from Jennifer Lenard (The Biz founder) gave me a new, established confidence to work on more complicated forms of make-up, and work experience made me at ease with my new found skillset under pressurised environments. I became familiar with camouflage, airbrushing, special effects, prosthetics, media hair and make-up. Jennifer taught me a range of techniques, from the basics to the most complicated of special effects. Jennifer also provided me with a wide array of alternative work, such as working on a BBC drama, ‘Dancing on the Edge’, and aiding professional photographers and clothes designers. Exhibitions, hairdressers and NHS patients are just a small number of other jobs that I have been a part of whilst completing my training. When starting anything new, it is common to be apprehensive, nervous and a little scared, but with the right training and a confidence in what you do, these feelings soon become a distant memory.

Hopes, dreams and ambitions...

Opportunities in this industry are endless. Experiencing different kinds of work enabled me to decide which direction to head towards. My work and qualifications have allowed me to build a comprehensive CV, particularly now that I have achieved VTCT Level 3 certification. It is not just qualifications that are important; it is also the vast network that I have built in such a short period that will hopefully unlock many doors in my career. My ambition now is to make myself recognised as a professional make-up artist who provides a quality service. I will continue to attend exhibitions, wedding fairs and other events in order to further my networking capabilities and leave myself open to offers of multiple jobs across the industry. I am currently in the process of creating my own website and bolstering my personal portfolio. A key outcome for me is that VTCT can provide some excellent courses that put you on the right path to a successful career in make-up. It is, however, up to you to put the effort in! Stay focused, keep motivated and work hard.