Accessing Qualification Documents

The video below shows you how to access Qualification Documents for a specific qualification, in order to use various documents to assist you with your online learning.



This step by step guide also leads you through the process to access these documents:


1. From the Home Page, select Qualifications from the Main Menu

2. When the drop-down menu appears, select ‘Find a Qualification

3. On the Qualification Finder page, select the sector that your qualification is in, for example, Beauty, Nails & Spa Therapy

4. Depending on the device you are using, you may need to scroll up to find the search box.

5. In the search box, you can either:

          • Add the qualification code or name in the Keywords box, as we did in the video,
          • Select to see all qualifications of a certain type e.g. VRQ,
          • Select a certain level, e.g. Level 2,
          • Choose a qualification size – an Award, Certificate or Diploma.

6. Hit search

7. When you find the search result you want, click on it, and the qualification information data will appear.

8. From the buttons above the qualification name, select Documents

9. You can now browse all documentation relating to this qualification. For Home learning purposes, you will find Sample Assessment Materials, Examinations Resource/Command Verbs to be the most useful.