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Beauty Therapy Apprenticeships

An apprenticeship in Beauty Therapy

A Beauty Professional, whether a Beauty Therapist, Nail Services Technician or Beauty and Make-up Consultant, works in one of the largest and most trusted industries in the UK.

According to the latest empirical research, the Hair and Beauty industry generates over £6.2 million for the UK economy, and this is projected to grow over the coming years. Beauty therapy apprenticeships are one way to gain entry into the industry, allowing the apprentice to learn and earn at the same time.

The Beauty Professional Standards offer three separate career routes into the beauty industry via an industry developed apprenticeship.

The available options are;
• Beauty Therapist
• Nail Services Technician
• Beauty and Make-up Consultant

All three standards are independent and apprentices must be able to carry out detailed and confident consultations with clients, choose the most appropriate services and products, and ensure they deliver an
outstanding service to their clients.

With VTCT an apprentice can study the following qualifications as part of a Beauty Therapy Apprenticeship;

VTCT Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Professionals (Beauty Therapist) – BT2D16
VTCT Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Professionals (Nail Services Technician) – BT2D18
VTCT Level 2 Diploma for Beauty Professionals (Beauty and Make-up Consultancy) – BT2D17

We have developed resources covering all the information you need to know if you’re thinking of delivering VTCT  Beauty Therapy apprenticeships. You can find all of these at the links below.

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