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Employing a Trainee

I want to employ a Trainee in my business

Why should I take on a Trainee?

In the recently published policy paper, A Plan for Jobs 2020, the Government made a policy decision to provide an additional £111 million this year for traineeships in England, to fund high-quality work placements and training for 16-24 year olds.

For the first time ever, the government will fund employers who provide trainees with work experience, at a rate of £1,000 per trainee. The government will improve provision and expand eligibility for traineeships to those with Level 3 qualifications and below, to ensure that more young people have access to high-quality training.

By employing a trainee, you can expect:

  • Your current employees to gain experience in training and mentoring
  • The freedom to design a programme that suits both the needs of your business and the needs of the trainee
  • An increase in capacity and productivity
  • Expanding the talent pool within your workforce
  • The opportunity to work with and help to develop young people without the financial commitment of taking on an apprentice
  • The opportunity to identify suitable apprentices from a pool of trainees



Employer Responsibilities graphic

What are my responsibilities?

When offering a traineeship work placement you need to provide:

  • A safe working environment for the Trainee
  • Meaningful work experience that will build skills and prepare them for the workplace
  • Between 70 and 240 hours of work experience over the duration of the traineeship, as agreed with the traineeship provider
  • Regular, constructive feedback and advice to the Trainee
  • The opportunity to interview for any available apprenticeships or appropriate job roles in your business at the end of the traineeship
  • An exit interview at the end of the traineeship with meaningful written feedback if the Trainee is not staying on in another capacity
  • You may be required to support trainees with travel and/or subsistence expenses

How do I get started?

The government has produced guidance for employers who want to take on a trainee: