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ESOL International Language qualifications

ESOL International qualifications are designed for learners who are not native speakers of English and who wish to achieve a high quality, internationally recognised qualification in English that is available and recognised worldwide and at the highest level. They are suitable for learners who are preparing for entry to higher education or professional employment in the UK or elsewhere. ESOL International qualifications are designed to reference the descriptions of language proficiency in the Common European Framework Reference for Languages (CEF).

Learners taking these qualifications develop real-life communicative skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing.

The qualifications have been designed to support learners’ progression into employment, academic progression, or for those or who simply wish to learn English.

They offer a comprehensive assessment of English language ability and skills for non-native English speakers.

The qualifications are regulated by Ofqual and can be found on the Register of regulated qualifications

We focus on supporting the development of communicative and transferable English language skills and on building learners’ confidence to use those skills in real life. The authentic nature of our topics and tasks makes preparation for our exams a motivating experience for students.

Learner progression in achievable steps

  • For adolescents and adults, we offer ESOL International Certificates from A1 to C2 on the CEFR
  • For children and young people, we offer a suite of Young Learner qualifications
  • Achievable goals

Assessment on-demand

Electronic and paper-based


  • Our examinations are operated throughout the world. You are able to choose your examination to suit your learners’ needs.
  • Our qualification specifications and qualification handbooks provide a clear, familiar format for the fair and accurate assessment of the learenrs. They are designed so that both the learners and their teachers alike know exactly what is required of them on the day.
  • Our qualifications are regulated by the Office of Examination and Qualification Regulation (Ofqual) in the United Kingdom and mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to give them international recognition. Candidates undergo rigorous identity checks so that our certificates are accepted by hundreds of universities and academic institutions across the globe.
  • Our assessment are all written, graded and certificated by our experts.

All learners who successfully complete VTCT (ITEC) qualifications will be issued with a certificate carrying the Ofqual logo. Ofqual regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments of awarding organisations operating out of England. They ensure that the qualifications they regulate reliably indicate the knowledge, skills and understanding candidates have demonstrated and that people have confidence in the qualifications that they regulate. In order to carry the Ofqual logo the qualifications and the process that underpin them have had to undergo a robust process of review in order to ensure the:

  • Assessment approach is valid
  • Assessments are comparable to other qualifications at the same level
  • Mapping to the Common European Framework is in place and appropriate
  • Systems for administering and marking assessments, as well as awarding results are reliable.

Speaking assessments are conducted face-to-face in pairs with VTCT(ITEC)-trained speech assessors who ensure the assessment is carried to VCT(ITEC) standards in a positive manner in which to support learner achievement.


International ESOL Qualification Costs (Italy only)

Qualification Level Cost (Italy only)
A1 € 60
A2 € 60
B1 € 71
B2 € 71
C1 € 100
C2 € 105