Estimation (calculating grades)

This will be the mitigation approach for qualifications whose purpose is to progress onto further education/higher education. VTCT has identified the following qualifications as suitable for estimation:

• Performance Table Qualifications (PTQs):
• Technical Award (AM20530)
• Technical Certificates
• Technical Level Qualifications
• Applied General
• VRQs used to progress to further studies (Entry level and level 1 qualifications)

Types of evidence centres will be using for estimation to include:
• Records of each learner’s performance over the course of study, including for example progress review data, classwork, bookwork
• Performance on any assignments, even if this has not been fully completed
• For learners undertaking re-sits, any information about previous grades achieved
• Performance on any class or homework assessments or mock exams taken over the course of study
• Previous results in your centre in this subject – these will vary according to a number of factors, including prior attainment of the learners
• The performance of this year’s learners compared to those in previous years
• Any other relevant information, for example learner progress reviews and attendance records

Centres will submit estimated grades to VTCT for standardisation and validation.


For all other qualifications, where possible, VTCT will employ a range of adaptations. This will be the mitigation approach for qualifications that have a mixed purpose and can lead to progression into further education/higher education or employment.

Types of evidence centres will be required to gather and submit for adaptation purposes include:
• Witness testimonies
• Formative/summative assessment evidence
• Mock assessment evidence
• Practice papers
• Assignments
• Learner tracking documents