Weekly Webinar

Level 3 Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Webinar

We held a special webinar to outline the requirements of the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional End-point Assessment on Tuesday 29th June as part of our Weekly Webinar series.

The webinar included the following;

• On-programme Requirements for the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional standard

• Gateway requirements including the collection of hairstyle looks

• End-point Assessment methods and their requirements including – Knowledge Test – Practical Observation – Professional Discussion

• Introduction of the new 12 step process which includes all supportive resources, guidance and booking instructions

You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.


If a learner has already been uploaded to SEPA via professional standards level 2. Will you have to add the learner again or do you just add extra evidence to the existing upload?

Yes you will be required to add the learner again onto the new standard. Sepa will not allow you to duplicate when on the same standard.

If the learner has failed one part, do they resit both parts again or just the one they didn’t pass?

Apprentices can re-take individual assessment methods. For example if they fail the professional discussion and pass the observation and questioning they will only be required to complete the professional discussion.

With the collection of looks do learners have to actually produce these or use pictures for research and then choose 1 to produce?

No the apprentice has to produce the collection of hairstyle looks using models/clients.

When will the gateway be open to book level 3 EPAs?

From August 1st 2021

Where will I find supporting documents?

The supporting documents can be located on the 12-Step process.

Do you have any guidance on the Synoptic Unit assignment. What is required etc?

The assignment can be accessed via your linx2 account which will provide you with the requirements.

How do we book the knowledge test if the learner goes down the non-qualification route?

The knowledge test will be booked in the same way as this is part of the End-point Assessment and not the qualification.

What counts as colour conversion? Is this correction or a change?

It is a colour correction.

When you say the apprenticeship assessor conducts the professional discussion, is this the on programme assessor?

Hi Claire, it’s VTCT’s apprenticeship assessor. It is external assessment- so not centre staff. I hope that helps.