Weekly Webinar

Applied General under the VCRF

We held a special webinar with the latest updates on Applied General under the VCRF on Thursday 22nd April as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.


Will we be using the same IQA documents for the internal process that we did last year? If not, where can I find this years documents?

There will be new documentation for internal quality assurance this year. This will be available on the PTQ Covid-19 area of VTCT’s website.

How do I enter Year 12 students for summer unit exams?

The summer exam windows have been cancelled and there will be no exams . However, you will need to submit your TAG grades to us and we will share more information about this in our webinar on 7th May.

Is there a specific template we should use to provide our exams officer with the information for the first data collection on learner statuses?

There is no template for this internal centre process, however, centres need to ensure you have accurate records of decision making. For the data collection it will be important to record any decisions made on reasons why you are not submitting a TAG for a learner.

Are we able to enter TAGs year cohorts besides year 13? what about year 12 students who were expecting to take their exam this year?

This is a non-certificating learner and we are allowing centres to submit a TAG. Please refer back to the guidance and the slides for information about sources of evidence and the qualification website for the new optional exemplar exam paper that we have published to support the TAG process.

Will the resit windows be reintroduced in October?

Information about the plans for the autumn assessments will follow in the coming months. VTCT will update our centres as soon as we are able to.