Weekly Webinar

Systems and Process for Submitting TAGs Stage 2

We held a special webinar with the latest updates on Systems and Process for Submitting TAGS Stage 2 on Friday 14th May as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.


Please can you confirm when the digital centre declaration form will arrive?

The Heads of Centre Declaration link will be circulated to centres on Monday 17 May.

Can you confirm are we entering grades for paper 1 and 2 through Linx 2 achieve and graded practical assessments and synoptics will be entered on the electronic PTQ Grading form?

Yes we can confirm that is correct.

Do all unit graded assessments need to be completed by 20th?

There is no set deadline for the unit graded practical assessments to be completed.

I created a schedule for Paper1 but when I tried to create a schedule for Paper 2, I got a message that we will be charged for resit entries. This should not be the case as this is being scheduled for the first time. Please can I have some clarification?

Please contact PTQTAGS@vtct.org.uk to discuss this further. This may be linked to historic schedules for the learner.

I am doing the AM20530 does all evidence need to be completed for the 21st or can they continue to work on it after that date?

Once TAGs have been submitted to VTCT learner should not to continue with any work. The TAG judgement should be based on the sources evidence available prior to the deadline.

If we have sent all the tags and graded assessments will we still need to put a claim in later

Centres will be required to submit certificate claims using the standard process once VTCT have completed the external quality assurance process.

So will we submit our graded end of unit assessment results the same time as our TAG synoptic?

Yes, the PTQ grading form will require unit graded practical assessments and the synoptic practical assessment TAG to be entered.

When do we enter the grades for graded practical assessments?

Centres can enter unit graded practical assessments onto the PTQ grading form once learners have completed them.

I submitted my pupils into the January window for an assignment, although their marks were above pass level, many were lower than predicted for them due to self isolation requirements. Will there be an October resubmission window available to resubmit?

Eligibility for TAG includes those wishing to improve their grade from the January series. VTCT will release information about the autumn assessment series in the coming weeks. In a typical year, learners are able to use the autumn window to improve their grade.

If we have learners that we don’t have have enough evidence to give a TAG to and we are predicting fail how do we show this?

The centre should reflect on the amount of evidence there is for the learner. If the centre feel that there is insufficient evidence to base a TAG on then the centre should either try to generate evidence before the deadline or decide not to submit a TAG for the learner. The stage one data collection should then be updated and the learner informed. Centres should keep an audit trail of this decision in case a learner was to appeal. Alternatively if there is sufficient evidence and the sources indicates the learner’s level is a fail then centres have access to the full range of grades available for the assessment when submitting a TAG.

How do we submit synoptic tag?

The PTQ grading form demonstrated in this webinar will be used to submit the synoptic practical assessment TAG to VTCT.