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The Trainee

I want to start a Traineeship


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This page is for you if you think that you might want to start out in your career with a traineeship. If you don’t have much work experience or even any at all, you might find that starting out as a trainee will help you get started straight away in the field you want to work in.

The sections below will help you to discover whether or not a traineeship would be right for you, what you might expect and the steps you can take to get started.

Is a Traineeship right for me?

A Traineeship course is suitable for learners who are:

• Eligible to work in England
• Have little or no work experience, but who are motivated to work
• Aged 16 to 24 – or 25 with an EHC plan and qualified up to level 3

If you meet the above criteria, you may undertake a traineeship.

A traineeship can be a starting point to prepare you for an apprenticeship at a higher level and they’re a great option for you if you want to start on the road to a rewarding career but don’t have many qualifications or much work experience.

What should I expect?

As a trainee, you should expect to receive:

  • The foundation skills and confidence to prepare you for work.
  • Job seeking skills, like help with applications and interviews.
  • Basic Maths and English support if you need help in that area.
  • Work Experience
  • Workplace skills, such as teamwork, dealing with customers, paperwork, etc.
  • A better CV
  • Potential for funding support (depending on your circumstances)

Your traineeship will last between six weeks and a year but is usually less than six months. You won’t be paid as a trainee, but many employers will cover costs for your travel, equipment needed, and sometimes even meals.

Some trainees may even have a job or apprenticeship place offered at the end of the traineeship.

How do I get started?

You can find more information on Traineeships on the Get My First Job website.




Want to look for a Traineeship?