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Traineeship Education

What’s involved in a Traineeship?

When supporting a trainee through their traineeship qualifications, the training provider has a number of responsibilities:

  • Ensure that the Trainee is receiving meaningful and high-quality education with respect to the qualification(s) being studied
  • The safety of trainees during their training and work placement
  • Liaising with an employer to provide a minimum of 70 hours of work experience, up to a limit of 240 hours for benefit claimants
  • Provide work preparation training based on the trainee’s and employer’s needs
  • Provide support in Functional Skills: English, Maths and digital support if required
  • Encourage participation in the programme and develop the trainee’s skills
  • You should include optional sector-specific technical and professional qualifications to help the learner prepare for occupational standards within apprenticeships, or employment once the traineeship has completed