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UK Hair and Beauty Industry Statement

This is a collaborative statement from professional bodies and awarding organisations in the hairdressing, barbering, health, wellbeing and beauty therapy services sector, in the UK.

In uncertain times considering the recent COVID-19 government announcements, we are all very much aware of the pressures and confusion currently across the industry. Our joint priority is to ensure that we all continue to follow government guidelines to support public health.

The World Health Organisation (WHO), UK and EU governments have stressed the importance of social distancing to reduce the risk of spreading coronavirus (COVID-19). Best practice requires at least six-feet or 2m distance between yourself and others. In the hair, barbering, health, wellbeing, and beauty industries all or most of our services involve close ‘human to human’ contact.

We are unable to provide advice on circumstances where it would be satisfactorily safe for staff, clients, students or members of the public to provide or receive most of the beauty and wellbeing treatments, amid the COVID-19 outbreak. However, please refer to the UK Government websites for further advice and guidance.

The virus is all over the world and now in our local communities, but as we are informed, it can be slowed. We fully support the government’s message for businesses, and the public, to take a sensible and responsible approach.

Keeping everyone safe will always remain a priority. We are innovative and dynamic and we will continue to support each other in rebuilding our wonderful industry.

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