Weekly Webinar

NVQs & VRQs under the VCRF

We held a special webinar with the latest updates on NVQs and VRQs on Thursday 15th April as part of our Weekly Webinar series. You can access a recording of this webinar in the secure area of our website here (Centre login required)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below we will add any frequently asked questions that we receive relating to this webinar.


Where we find the document that released on April 19th?

When will the full adaptations be available for NVQ qualifications?

We are currently working with a range of stakeholders and will keep you informed of any changes.

Will we be asked to complete the adaptation form as completed last year?

All centres need to apply to offer adaptations via the webform.

Is there a date limit on these adaptations?

The guidance states where possible continue as normal however these adaptations will be in place until these are switched off in line with the regulators. We will keep centres informed of any changes.

Where will we find the link to complete request for adaptations?

We will send out a communication to the centre informing them of the link to the web form to apply for adaptations.

Please could you explain the adaptations for my qualification?

The adaptation guidance outlines the specific adaptations for each VRQ qualification. Please refer to the guidance documentation.

Is a delay category still available?

A learner will be delayed if they are unable to achieve all the necessary assessment requirements under the VCRF.

Do you know when the deadline for claiming will be?

VCRF is for learners achieving this academic year. However, is it regulatory-driven and VTCT will keep you updated on any changes.

Can current adaptations to the assessment process for NVQ be followed (clustering)?

Yes, current assessment methods will stand.

Will there be any guidance included for students that are pregnant?

Centres with learners who require Reasonable Adjustment should apply to VTCT.

Group Meetings

How do we book on the group meetings?

Are the group meetings recommended for exams officers or is it more aimed at teaching staff?

Group meetings are aimed at the teaching staff. We are encouraging centres to coordinate and only one person from each centre to book the meetings.

What are the dates for the group meetings?

Group meetings are taking place for a two week period the week commencing 19th April 2021.

COVID Qualifications

Will the covid exam still apply once the country is vaccinated?

The Infection Prevention Control qualification will continue regardless of whether everyone has received their vaccination.

Do the learners need to still complete infection prevention before starting practical observations?

Yes, it is good practice for learners to achieve the qualification prior to commencing practical observations.

Do Level 1 learners need to complete the infection control qualification?

It is not a prerequisite for level 1 qualifications, however, it is good practice for learners to undertake training.

Can the Covid qualifications be covered with work books?

Yes,work books can be used.

Exams and Assessments

Can observations be remote?

The guidance documentation states the requirements of the observations under the VCRF and states where it is permittable to carry out remote observations.

What does “cluster practical observations” mean?

The number of practical observations and clients is not fixed. VTCT permits centres to cluster practical observations. Learners must meet all of the requirements of the unit learning outcomes and assessment criteria.

If learners achieve below 70% in the exam, can assignments be used to evidence knowledge?

Yes, if a learner achieves below 70% other evidence can be used.

If a student resits an exam as an assignment, do we have to apply for that to happen or can we just set the assignment ourselves?

All centres need to apply to offer adaptations via the webform.

Could you list the other inferred assessment methods?

Inferred through other methods may include the following: formative assessments, assignments, oral questions, professional discussion and written questions.

Can remote assessments completed in lockdown be used now for summative assessments and be recorded on learners’ E-portfolio?

Assessments can be recorded in e-portfolios.

Will witness testimonies be acceptable for learners working in salons?

Final assessments must be covered face to face and assessed by qualified assessors at the centre.

Can remote assessments be used where the learners cannot get into college for various reasons?

Yes, centres have the option of using remote invigilation. The guidance documentation states the requirements of the observations under the VCRF and states where it is permittable to carry out remote observations.

If you complete 1 summative assessment how do you expect the the ranges to be evidenced?

The ranges may be evidence through other methods, for example, formative assessments, assignments, oral questions and or written questions.

If restrictions are not lifted for facials how can we complete the one summative assessment?

VTCT appreciates there are restrictions across the different nations. We will endeavour to work with centres through the EQAs.