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College breaks into retail market

VTCT caught up with VTCT Centre South Thames College Group Curriculum Manager for Beauty Therapy/Media Make-Up, Rosie Watson about their new “Viteology” range.

Rosie Watson has been working in the education sector for 15 years and started her own training when she was just 16. She now runs the Hairdressing, Beauty Therapy and Media Make-Up department for the South Thames College Group, Wandsworth, London. After successfully publishing two industry books she wanted to challenge herself and her team at South Thames with a totally unique and new idea.

After using a plethora of skincare brands over the years in the classroom she thought it was about time the students in her class were offered a really exciting unique point of sale, and a treatment option for skin conditions which would ordinarily be too sensitised to treat, as well as learning more about products, ingredients and branding.

Rosie said: “The development of Viteology has been a great project for all of us to get our teeth into!” over 100 students were asked to critique the sample range developed by Rosie and this led to changes which concluded in the production of a 22 products in the initial range.

The Viteology range combines a unique blend of skin science, 100% natural and  highly organic level ingredients and extracts which are, premium, sustainable, super lightweight and non-oily. Rosie comments: “because the products do not contain any artificial thickeners, colours, perfumes, alcohol, Parabens or Sulphates, there is nothing to stop them absorbing into the top layers of the Epidermis and having a surface balancing effect. We have had outstanding results with clients who have problematic skins, it really is encouraging”

“At one point I thought the range was going to launch itself. The students were retailing and making recommendations quicker than I could train them. It has been an exciting journey and one which I hope continues. Our industry needs to continue to believe and invest in those who choose it as a career”

The range is 100% natural and highly organic materials are used. The extracts and aromas are pure and scientifically blended and marketed for all skin types and conditions. This unique point of sale offers South Thames College students training in an exclusive brand. They take part in a three day training program, at the end of which, students who pass their exam will receive a ‘Viteology Skin Specialist’ pin badge.

Viteology also fully promotes and runs the ‘green goddess’ recycling program where refills and package recycling offers financial reward for clients.

In addition to the product training given to students, Rosie developed a signature Viteology facial. This routine is different, as it includes a back, hand, arm and scalp massage as well as utilizing the power cryotherapy to energise and rejuvenate the skin.

The range will be officially launched by this year’s level 3 students in November 2017. The range is adding some shampoos and conditioners for clients who prefer a natural service in our hair salons. These will be launching in the New Year.

The products in a nutshell:

  • All are majority organic some, 99% organic! ALL products are 100% natural
  • All the Viteology products are Paraben and Sulphate free!
  • None of our products are tested on animals!
  • All the fragrances are natural!
  • There are no artificial colours in our products!

Products are retailed in a 300ml and the salon size is 500ml, as well as retail products in travel sizes of 50ml!

Visit the  South Thames College Group profile page here.

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