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Replacement Certificates

VTCT offers a free online certificate service, Linx2Validate, for learners who achieved their qualification after 2009.

For pre-2009 certificates, please contact our Customer Support team on +44 (0) 23 8068 4500

To order a replacement certificate, please call us so that we can take you through our security process and advise what we hold on record for you.

Please note: If your certificate was issued less than 6 months ago, VTCT’s Quality Assurance team are required to authenticate the claim for your certificate with your centre of study before a replacement can be issued. Providing authentication is confirmed, VTCT will then contact you to obtain the appropriate fee.

Make sure you have your VTCT Learner Number to hand, as you will need this to order a replacement certificate.

Certificates awarded after 2009

Linx2Validate allows learners to use one link to:

  • Order replacement certificates (£37.50 charge per certificate)
  • Create and share e-certificates
  • Share with a third party (e.g. an employer or college) electronic certificate proof of achievement

EXISTING USERS: All existing Linx2Validate users are required to reset their password before they will be able to log in. Please select the ‘Visit Linx2Validate here’ button below, and then select ‘FORGOTTEN PASSWORD’. Once you have reset your password and logged in, you will not need to perform a reset again unless you forget your password.

NB: Please download the Linx2Validate user guide before selecting the ‘Visit Linx2Validate here’ button below.

Download Linx2Validate Learner Guide

Visit Linx2Validate here

Certificates issued pre-2009

Payments can be taken by credit or debit card over the telephone by our Customer Support team via +44 (0) 23 8068 4500. Fees:

  • Replacement for a certificate issued post-1995: £37.50
  • Replacement for a certificate issued pre-1995: VTCT is unable to issue replacement certificates in this instance. Where the original certificate was issued pre-1995 an Academic Transcript letter will be issued. VTCT will search archive records and the letter will detail any achievement found. There is a non-refundable fee of £63.00 for this service, which comprises of a £25.50 archive search fee and a £37.50 transcript issuance fee.

VTCT introduced a redesigned certificate in 2017, with additional security features. If the original certificate was issued before this date and we cannot print it in full, we will send a letter confirming all full awards completed as shown on our records.

If your original certificate was awarded by IIHT/IHBC the replacement will now be a VTCT certificate.

All replacement certificates will be annotated “Replacement” as agreed with the regulatory authorities. We cannot enter into any correspondence regarding awards that do not appear on our records.

Please note: Only if the reason for replacement is acceptable to VTCT (e.g. lost, stolen, destroyed etc) will a replacement certificate be issued. Once the search has been completed, this fee is non-refundable.