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ESOL International Language qualifications


ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) International qualifications are designed for learners who are not native speakers of English and who wish to achieve a high quality qualification in English that is recognised worldwide. They are suitable for learners who are preparing for entry to higher education or professional employment in the UK or elsewhere.

There are many benefits to enrolling your learners on an ESOL international qualification with VTCT, including:

Holding a recognised qualification:

VTCT ESOL qualifications are internationally recognised and provide learners with proof of their English language skills. This can be beneficial when seeking employment or further education opportunities. Our qualifications are regulated by the Office of Examination and Qualification Regulation (Ofqual) in the United Kingdom and mapped to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to give them international recognition. Candidates undergo rigorous identity checks so that our certificates are accepted by hundreds of universities and academic institutions across the globe.

Improved employability

Having an ESOL qualification demonstrates to employers that your learners have the necessary language skills to work in English-speaking environments. This can help them improve their employability and career prospects.

Enhanced communication skills

Learning English can improve learners’ ability to communicate with people from different countries and cultures. This can be helpful in both personal and professional settings.

Increased confidence

Learning a new language can be challenging, but achieving an ESOL qualification can boost your learners’ confidence and self-esteem. This can have a positive impact on other areas of their lives.

Flexible learning options

VTCT offers a range of ESOL qualifications at different levels, from beginner to advanced level. Our examinations are operated throughout the world. As a college or training provider you can also choose your examination to suit your learners’ needs.

Access to Higher Education

Some universities and colleges require non-native English speakers to have a certain level of English proficiency before they can enrol. Having an ESOL qualification can help learners meet these requirements and gain access to higher education.

For adolescents and adults, we offer ESOL International Certificates from A1 to C2 on the CEFR
For children and young people, we offer a suite of Young Learner qualifications.

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