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Technical Award in the Study of Hair and Beauty

The VTCT Level 1/2 Technical Award in the Study of Hair and Beauty is designed for 14-16 year olds and has been approved by the Department for Education for teaching from September 2022.

It will count in the Key Stage 4 Schools Performance Tables for reporting from 2024. The qualification will prepare learners to progress onto qualifications related to the hair and beauty sector, such as the T Level in Hair, Beauty and Aesthetics; learners may also progress onto broader areas of study. It is a vocational qualification equivalent to GCSE grades 9-1. 

The Award consists of three mandatory units:

  1. Business and entrepreneurship in the Hair and Beauty sector
  2. Anatomy, physiology and cosmetic science
  3. Design in the Hair and Beauty sector.

Learners will explore design skills and techniques used within the hair and beauty sector to develop their skills in planning, carrying out research and presenting design brief ideas. They will also explore the business aspect of the hair and beauty sector and have the opportunity to investigate the principles of marketing and how entrepreneurship supports the hair and beauty sector, including how to select and design promotional activities and materials. 

The three units are not individually assessed – learners will need to achieve a pass in both an external written exam and a synoptic written assignment – the marks for these will be added together and the total mark will determine the level and grade of achievement; this will ensure a wide range of abilities is recognised and rewarded. There are no optional units.  

We have a number of training events upcoming – these are an introduction to the New VTCT Tech Award in the Study of Hair and Beauty.  

These training sessions will detail: 

  • The overview and structure of the new qualification.  
  • Assessment details  
  • New terminal rule  
  • Resources and staffing 
  • Internal quality assurance  
  • External quality assurance  
  • Further support