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CPD for Afro Textured Hair

Styling and caring for Afro Textured Hair

In May 2020, the brutal murder of George Floyd shook the world. In the midst of a collective pain and mourning, came a renewed vigour for action against racial inequality. It became a time for long-awaited introspection from every facet of society, from individuals all the way to public, private and third sector institutions. A time to enact real, sustainable and evidenced change.

As one of the leading Awarding Organisations in the hair and beauty sector, we are very proud to be using our years of expertise in the hairdressing industry to empower all stylists to learn how to style and care for Afro-textured Hair types with


These six videos will help elevate your career knowledge and to teach you the fundamentals of Afro-textured hair. From kinks and coils to curls, we want to empower everyone to have the tools to work with black hair and contribute to an industry that champion’s equality.

What is CPD?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the hair and beauty industry is a personal responsibility for all professionals, to keep your knowledge and skills up-to-date so that you can deliver the high quality of service that safeguards and meets the expectations of customers and the requirements of your profession.

By investing time in learning, you’ re investing in the continued success of your beauty business. A commitment to training and development will build your confidence, encourage loyalty from customers, and ultimately boost your business.

CPD provides an ongoing training structure to support your hair and beauty salon staff, and will help to:

  • Keep up to date with the latest skills, techniques, developments, products and technology
  • Ensure your employees feel valued
  • Help to reduce employee turnover
  • Create a skilled pool of individuals ready for more senior roles
  • Give your personnel a wider understanding of the hair and beauty business
  • Enhance your reputation as someone who supports learning and development and attract a wider pool of quality candidates
  • Tackle workplace issues, for example, if your team is struggling with a particular skill or task

Introduction to the videos

By Sonia Robinson, VTCT Quality Lead

What do the videos cover?


  • How to conduct a consultation of Afro-textured hair types
  • Carry out a scalp analysis
  • Identify different hair characteristics
  • Conduct a porosity, elasticity and density test
  • Understand how moisture and frizz have an effect on wet & dry hair


  • Identify different Afro-textured hair types
  • Recognise a variety of curl patterns


  • Understand when and how to apply a pre-conditioning treatment
  • Why to apply shampoo to dry hair
  • The process of apply and removing shampoo & conditioner



Contemporary Styling
  • How to prepare Afro-textured hair for styling
  • How to create a style using the ‘double twist’ technique
  • How to complete the look
Creative Styling
  • How to use a comb attachment to blow dry hair
  • How to create the desired look
  • How to create a Bantu knot
  • How to create an alternative creative style
Traditional Styling
  • How to create a style with traditional blow drying techniques
  • How to select and use the correct straighteners
  • How to dry wrap hair


CPD Certificate

When you have completed watching all 6 videos, please email us to claim your certificate for the value of 2 hours.

Access the videos

The set of six videos are available to purchase and access online at for the price of £35.

When purchasing the videos, an account will be created that will enable you to access the videos securely any time.

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