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VTCT Brand Policy

This policy applies to the use of the VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst brand, including the use of its name and logo by its approved centres. The purpose of the policy is to ensure VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst benefits from the consistent use and promotion of its brand and to minimise risk from the misuse of its brand.

We need to protect the VTCT Group name and brand. Permission to use the name, logo and trademark is dependent on centres continuing to register learners with VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst on an ongoing basis.

The logo should not be used in such a way as to suggest that you are in partnership with iTEC, VTCT or Skillsfirst, and where practical any text should highlight the specific course(s) you are approved to offer.

VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst are required to ensure that their qualifications are not advertised or promoted in a manner that is likely to be misleading to users or potential users of its qualifications.
Although not an exhaustive list, VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst would consider there is potential to mislead a learner if:

• The VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst logo or name appears next to a provision that we do not award.
• Words such as “qualification” are used to describe provision that is not a regulated qualification – for example, endorsed or development programmes.
• The VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst logo is used on course materials, workbooks or alternative assessments where it may imply that these have been supplied or approved by VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst.
• The VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst logo or name is used on in-house certificates and presented to learners on completion.

Please note that successful candidates will be issued with an VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst regulated certificate, therefore the logo must not be used on internal and or in house certificates you produce, nor may it be used on any programme hand-outs or materials sold to learners.

VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst Approved logo

Logo and variation

This logo should only be used by a Approved centre, which means you have been approved to deliver VTCT, iTEC & Skillsfirst qualifications. If your centre is dual branded, you should use both
logos. To receive the appropriate logo, you should email marketing@vtct.org.uk, providing your centre number so we can verify you.

Please use the Approved logo with pride when advertising your qualification or services. Using our logos correctly is very important to ensuring we maintain a strong brand presence.