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VTCT Support Wild Search Leading Women Report

To commemorate the achievements of women throughout course of history VTCT proudly sponsor the ‘Leading Women’ report and event in partnership with Wild Search.

The publication marks how woman over the past 100 years have triumphed during difficult times in their careers. Revealing the present challenges of women in male dominated industries.  One of the pioneering women celebrated in the report is Elizabeth Garrett Anderson; the first female doctor to qualify in England.

The evening reception brought together leaders in education, policymakers and other key education stakeholders. Chief Executive of VTCT Alan Woods expressed the importance of equality and diversity within working environments. His speech shed light on the core values that drive VTCT and by supporting this report demonstrate they are committed to providing opportunities for all learners whatever their starting point. VTCT offer a range of services and training qualifications to their students and assist to bypass the gender bias notion that hair and beauty is ‘women-led’ industry.

The report was launched by The Rt Hon Anne Milton MP, (Minister of State for Apprenticeships and Skills and Minister for Women).
In preface mentioned “Elizabeth Garrett Anderson forged a path when no woman could be her role model. We often say that “if you can see it you can be it”, and I believe I have benefitted from that sentiment, knowing that others have gone before me and laid the way for women to enter politics. Garrett Anderson was a true trailblazer, and….made it possible for women to succeed everywhere.”

Contributors include The Baroness Deech DBEFrances King, ‎Chief Executive, Mill Hill School Foundation, Dame Rachel de Souza, Chief Executive, Inspiration Trust, actress Diana Quick and LAMDA’s Principal Joanna Read. Celebrating the journey of women in educational leadership who have paved the way for the next generation of young women and girls.

The inspirational story of Elizabeth Garret Anderson is one worth celebrating!

VTCT recognises the importance of creating new possibilities and are proud sponsors of ‘Leading Women: The Life, Legacy and Inspiration of Elizabeth Garrett Anderson (2017)’ publication.To read the report click here

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