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Changing the narrative on beauty & wellness treatments for cancer patients

Michelle Hammond, founder and director of tpot and Spa Business School, has committed her career to creating learning resources to help spa and wellness professionals provide treatment for patients with cancer and other limiting health conditions.

With an extensive family history of cancer and frustrated by the lack of change and the volume of misunderstanding and fear surrounding what is practical, possible and beneficial when treating clients with cancer for massage in spas or salon environments, Michelle launched tpot back in 2014. tpot is ‘the power of touch’ educates and empowers therapists to welcome clients for massage who have cancer, or other limiting health conditions, comfortably and confidently in line with the latest scientific and medical thinking.

Michelle believes that as an industry if we truly collaborate we can eradicate the fiction, fear and misunderstanding that can so often lead to our most vulnerable clients being mistreated and unwelcome.

Michelle is the founder and director of tpot and Spa Business School, a company that creates and delivers learning resources and experiences to help spa and wellness professionals thrive. She’s also the spa managers business coach for luxury brands like Accor; wellness consultant for Pegasus Life retirement living developments; and education partner to Spa Life International. tpot works hard to ensure it can provide a wide range of its entry level learning resources, courses and activities for free to ensure minimal barriers to access for both newly qualified and veteran therapists and practitioners alike.

VTCT is a proud supporter of Michelle and her endeavours to remove the misconceptions of the industry regarding various health conditions.

For more information about tpot and Spa Business School, please email learn@spabusinessschool.com or visit www.spabusinessschool.com or www.tpot.org.uk