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Is your Barbershop Fathers’ Day ready?

As people are looking more and more to experiences over standalone gifts, barbershops have a real opportunity this Father’s Day to maximize business and draw existing and new customers in for a luxury-grooming package. Here are my top tips for anyone thinking ahead of this year’s Father’s Day!

1. Whilst most men perform their own daily grooming routine, not every man will have had the pleasure of receiving a professional gentleman’s shave.

One of the best ways to bring in the punters this Fathers’ Day is to offer your customers a luxury experience and offer vouchers for a high-end trim and cut and other pampering treatments. More and more, we’re seeing men, their partners, kids and friends purchase experiences for gifts rather than products from the shelf. Tap into this trend with vouchers and other gift packages for something that’s a little bit outside of their father’s grooming habits, and you’ll be onto a winner.

2. Add to any grooming experience with a cheeky drink in your client’s hand, because a trip to the barbers for many isn’t complete without a drop of whisky or a craft beer by their side! Offering your customers little additional luxuries for free this Fathers’ Day, could help them to come back for more treatments in the future.

3. Nothing beats getting a good bargain. For this Fathers’ Day why not treat your clients to a ‘lads ‘n’ dads’ discount? For every son that brings in their father on the day, knock a bit of money off the bill. You may even pick up a few future regulars in the process.

4. Men are more likely than ever to spend money on cosmetic and grooming products, and we should never underestimate how far a good product range will take you. Impress a client with a new beard oil or a quick splash of aftershave as they get out of the chair and they might just want to buy some as they leave. American Crew have just started a fantastic range of aftershaves, whilst both Dapper Dan and Jack Dean will be able to help you with all your customers’ hair and beard care needs.

5. Formerly the reserve of spas and beauty salons, facemask treatments are no longer only a woman’s luxury. A range of exceptional products, specially formulated especially for men’s skin, are starting to emerge with more men demanding the appearance of youthful vigor. Consider BarberPro’s Black Mask – a unique treatment for detoxifying, exfoliating and repairing skin which is sure to leave any many feeling 10 years younger.

Mike Taylor is a certified VTCT Independent Assessment Examiner and owns eight barbershops and a training academy servicing Hampshire and Dorset.set.