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2017-2018 Total Achievement Results for Technical Certificates & Technical Level Qualifications (TLQ)

The results are in and we are proud to share the hard work and success of our training providers and students. It’s been three years since these new Technical Level Qualifications (TLQs) emerged across the country; we can already see that this model of study has been successful for many.


In our first year of reporting TLQ results, we had an 85% total achievement on our qualifications. One year later, our TLQ achievements have increased to 88%. This year also marks the first year for completion on the Level 2 Technical Certificates, and we are pleased to report an 84% overall achievement rate.

We are proud of our design rationale for VTCT’s technical qualifications having incorporated an ‘authentic assessment method’ in every aspect of our assessment framework. This is pivotal as it’s connected to real-life skills. Authentic assessment measures a student’s ability to apply their knowledge and thinking skills to solving tasks that simulate real-world events or activities. Each qualification’s primary purpose is to satisfy labour market needs and improve labour market outcomes for qualification holders.

In our continued efforts to support our training providers as they support their learners, we have incorporated several elements of wrap-around support, including:

• One-on-one support from our Business Development Managers,
• Ongoing 360-degree consultation with industry and education experts for qualification development that ensures the most up-to-date, relevant content and delivery style,
• Support workshops that thoroughly explain the rationale and benefits of the Technical Level Qualifications,
• Examination resources for teachers and assessors to expand understanding, and
• Webinars that prepare learners for written exams.

To be awarded a VTCT technical qualification, learners must successfully achieve the following assessments:

• Externally set and internally marked graded practical assessments, attached to mandatory units, which contributes 50% of the overall qualification grade
• Two externally set and externally marked examinations covering knowledge and understanding from across the breadth of mandatory units, which contributes 30% of the overall qualification grade
• An externally set and internally marked graded synoptic assessment covering practical skills and knowledge of mandatory units, which contributes 20% of the qualification grade
• A portfolio of evidence covering the practical skills and knowledge content of optional units, which contributes to the assessment outcome of the qualification, but which does not contribute to the qualification grade.

This choice of four overlapping assessment approaches has been carefully chosen and weighted to ensure a highly valid and reliable assessment underpins each qualification award.

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To speak directly with one of our Regional Business Development Managers, please visit the Business Development Section to see the contacts for each region.