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Pivot Point LAB – Digital education today for the hair and beauty professionals of tomorrow

Today, digital tools permeate all aspects of our lives from how we can work to the way we make decisions about where we go on holiday.

Over the past decade, the expanse of technology has rapidly increased in the classroom reminding us of the importance of teaching methodologies and classroom learning adapting to, and fully embracing, the changes of the digital age. The vast majority of learners in the UK have grown up surrounded by technology in their daily lives.

Staying ahead of these changes can be a challenge. Within the hairdressing, barbering and beauty therapy sectors, learning has changed, embracing digital advancements with VTCT leading the way.

We have collaborated with Pivot Point International to develop bespoke resources accessible through the LAB platform, which specifically supports these sectors.

LAB is an online learning platform enabling educational content to be delivered in a way that both engages and fits with the learning style of today’s digitally-focused learner. The platform contains specifically designed resources, videos and more, giving a range of practical demonstrations, downloadable PDFs, teaching and learning activities, and online quizzes, to check knowledge and understanding. In addition, e-Books cover Hairdressing, Barbering and Beauty Therapy topics, presentations slides for instructors to use in the classroom, as well as Resource Maps, to help create Schemes of Work.

The formats reflect the preferences of the learners of today with whom video content resonates, evidenced in the popularity of YouTube and the rise of video capabilities throughout all social media platforms.

Learners can browse a large bank of information and access bespoke resources within LAB. The navigation and digital layout echoes social media and creates a familiar, comfortable web experience for users.

The content is exclusive to iTEC and VTCT Level 2 and 3 Hairdressing and Barbering and Level 2 Beauty Therapy qualifications and is mapped to these qualifications.

“Using our expertise as a market-leading awarding organisation, we have designed this resource in partnership with Pivot Point using robust, sound pedagogical input. Using the LAB resource in conjunction with our qualifications will fully prepare students for their assessments,” said Ashley Barnes, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of VTCT.

With “pedagogy” referring not just to the interactions between teachers and students, but also the learning environment and the learning tasks, this means LAB has been specially designed with a framework that considers the needs of both educator and learner in the creation of the platform and the production of the content.

Fundamentally, LAB is an adaptable platform, customisable for multiple learning styles to complement the work educators are already doing. Educators can upload their own existing teaching resources into LAB, allowing training providers to incorporate years of their own resources with cutting edge information that has been specifically designed to address learning outcomes.

You can find out more about LAB here