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Advent Calendar Day 6

Applied General Level 3 Sports and Exercise Sciences

Advent Calendar Day 6


For Advent Calendar Day 6, we are delving into the Sports, Active Health and Fitness sector as we take a look at the VTCT National Certificates and Diplomas in Sport and Exercise Sciences.

These are Applied General qualifications which have been developed to enable progression to higher education to study a sports degree or other related degree programme, and to further academic or employment opportunities. Find out more by clicking on the information sheet to the left.

UCAS data suggests that vocational qualifications, such as BTECs, do not facilitate progression to higher education in the same way as A-Levels in the UK. For example, for every 100 A-Level students accepted into high tariff institutions in 2013, three BTEC applications were accepted.

With this suite, the aim is to offer qualifications that appeal to students who benefit from more applied methods of learning, serving to bridge this gap between Applied General students and university.

Optional units can be selected so learners can choose those units which best support their interests and career progression. This may be: sport and exercise science, sports development, sports therapy, sport and exercise nutrition, sports coaching and leadership, or various other areas of study.

More information about this suite of qualifications by visiting the ‘Find a Qualification’ section here. Please also visit our career pathway pages on both the iTEC and VTCT websites to see what other career options are available through our qualifications.

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