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Advent Calendar Day 8

Welsh Bilingual Qualifications

Advent Calendar Day 8

For Advent Calendar Day 8, we are taking a look at VTCT’s suite of Welsh bilingual qualifications.

As an Awarding Organisation, VTCT have an obligation to provide qualifications and assessments with regional languages of the UK. VTCT have always offered this facility, however, its uptake would only be those who could already fluently read and/or speak the regional language.

This is because the Welsh used may be too formal a version or the learner may not understand the technical term used for a treatment, product or anatomy in Welsh but would understand it in English. Welsh-speaking tends to be more common in certain areas of Wales than others.

The bilingual qualifications are much more learner-friendly, allowing greater accessibility and flexibility for learners who wish to learn Welsh. Learners can complete their vocational qualifications with the option of using both English and Welsh language.

As of September 2019, there are 11 VTCT qualifications available in the bilingual format across the following sectors: beauty, hair, complementary therapy and sport. Another 10 hair and beauty qualifications are due to be developed as bilingual for launch in September 2020, with more planned in the pipeline.

You can learn more about the bilingual qualifications and resources available to support bilingual learning here

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