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Advent Calendar Day 11

Pastry Chef

Advent Calendar Day 11


It’s Advent Calendar Day 11, we are opening the door to another career but this time from our Hospitality & Catering sector. Today we are exploring the career of a Pastry Chef.

VTCT offer a range of qualifications in Hospitality & Catering. A career in this sector can open up many doors, but today we’re focussing on embarking on a career as a Pastry Chef

To begin a career in this field, you’ll need to complete a level 1 Diploma in Professional Cookery, this will give you a broad understanding of the industry and what is required. After that, you’ll move to a Level 2 to develop the skills and knowledge needed to begin a career as a Junior Baker or Pastry Commis Chef in a professional kitchen or bakery. Your level 3 will come in the second year, this includes all the required elements to work effectively as a pastry chef or a patissier.

As a Pastry Chef, you can work in:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Gastropubs
  • Specialist bakeries
  • Specialist cafes and tea rooms
  • Visitor attractions
  • HM prisons
  • Hospitals and care homes
  • Cruise liners

We have asked industry and education experts to answer some of the key questions that you might be asking as you start thinking about your dream career in this sector. Click the information sheet to read their insights.

Today we have explored just one of many career paths within the Hospitality & Catering industry; there are a wide range of choices available. Want to know what other jobs are available in this sector? Visit our career pathways page to see all the career options available through our qualifications.

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