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VTCT Learner Spotlight: Young entrepreneur opens first make-up studio in Maidstone

Our VTCT learner spotlight falls on Aimee Hobbs, who has recently opened Maidstone’s first dedicated make-up studio.

The former Mid-Kent College student completed her studies and has now inspired others of her age to follow their dreams by opening their own business.

Speaking about her experience, Aimee says, “I didn’t actually know that I wanted to become a Make-up Artist until I was in my last year at school. I realised that I had a passion for it and really enjoyed being creative and making myself and others feel better about themselves.”

Aimee studied at Mid-Kent College starting with a VTCT Level 2 in Hair and Media Make-up then going onto a VTCT Level 2 in Beauty Therapy. Speaking about her time in college, she gained a lot of insight into how the beauty industry is viewed and stereotyped, she said, “This made me feel really passionate about being able to change the stereotype for young people because the industry is growing and there is so much space for girls that want to start their own businesses. My college tutors were so supportive of me and helped me pass the courses, especially my main tutor, Beck.”

Former VTCT Learner, Entrepreneur Aimee Hobbs in her own makeup studio

We also spoke to Aimee about what made her want to start her own business at the young age of 19 years old. She explained that she saw a gap in the market in her area that solely offer make-up services, “I was determined to be the first make-up studios in the area as usually make-up artists in Maidstone are an add-on in other salons.”

When talking about how she felt when she opened her business, Aimee spoke about her passion to change the make-up industry and to make as many girls and women feel good about themselves. “It’s an amazing feeling to be able to prove everyone wrong who thinks the only way to succeed is through university because it isn’t the only way anymore. Now the studio is open I’m so motivated to bring as many development opportunities to my team as well as other aspiring make-up artists.”

We asked Aimee what advice she would give to other students looking to follow the same path; her advice is “Believe in yourself even if nobody else does and go for it 100%. Ignore everyone else and just do what you’re passionate about. Concentrate on one thing and perfect it, be the best you can be at it and become known for being the best at it. It’s not easy at all but it’s definitely worth it in the end, don’t give up. There will be times when you think ‘what’s the point’ but you need to be your own cheerleader and carry out what you came to do. There’s so much space in this industry so I’d say definitely do it!”

Congratulations to Aimee on opening her new business, we wish her the best of the luck in her future endeavours.

Follow her on Instagram @aimeehobbsmakeupstudios