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The benefits of ManageAssess and how Milton Keynes College has made use of the platform during lock-down.

ManageAssess is VTCT’s highly intuitive assessment workflow for centres, which allows assessors to mark, verify and moderate with ease.


Richie Carter – Couse Leader Milton Keynes College

ManageAssess is an innovative, cloud-based, scalable platform for centralised delivery and management of e-portfolios/evidence-based assessment workflow. It empowers teachers to assign tasks

to students; set deadlines for hand-in dates; track student progress and assess the student submissions against learning objectives set for coursework and work-based practical assessment tasks.

In the current climate, more and more training providers are looking to develop a larger digital presence, allowing for less paper based activity which can sometimes be restricting. Lock-down in the education sector has brought its challenges and proved difficult for those using paper-based portfolios however, Milton Keynes College have been making use of the platform and we spoke to Richie Carter – Course Leader, to understand more. See our Q&A with him below:

VTCT: How long have you been using ManageAssess?

Richie: “This will be the third year of using ManageAssess at Milton Keynes College for Catering & Hospitality.”

How many qualifications are you using ManageAssess with?

“We currently have 6 qualifications on ManageAssess, but this year we have introduced a number of additional qualifications for the Hair & Beauty School.”

Why did you decided to extend the suite of qualifications that you use ManageAssess with?

“We wanted to move forward and away from paper-based portfolios and extending the suite seemed like the right thing to do. Lock-down proved to be difficult for those using paper-based portfolios, whereas our Catering department was able to continue as normal because we were already using MA. The measures required by VTCT during lock-down made ManageAssess easily accessible to tutors, managers and EQAs.”

Thinking about the blending learning approach educators will be taking this year, what ManageAssess features do you feel would best support this approach?

“Students will need to be better prepared and take ownership of their qualifications. Previously, tutors have built the majority of the evidence required for the student portfolios. Moving forward, students will be given access and direction on completing their own portfolios including taking pictures, completing feedback and uploading to ManageAssess.”

Is there any unique way that you’ve used ManageAssess that maybe other centres might find beneficial?

“Unfortunately, no. We have only scratched the surface of ManageAssess. There is probably a lot more we could be doing. We just need more time to dive a little deeper.”

Can you share with us how you use ManageAssess?

“Working with many platforms within the College, we use ManageAssess for purpose of annotating evidence and managing feedback forms. Using ManageAssess, I can show learners and line-managers the progress being made. We can grant access to Student e-portfolios to our EQA, and students can share access with parents, which isn’t possible with other platforms we use.”

What are the features you like most about ManageAssess?

“I like the visible assessment/Learning outcomes/range bar that grows as student progress through the course. It is a visible tool for coaching and judging progression.”

Do you have any “top tips” for a new user/centre?

“During the 42 Day Review period, and before student registration, we recommend collating all the required student evidence so when access to students becomes available, uploading is easier. Do not wait for Student registration, start the evidence trail as soon as possible.”

If you would like to start using ManageAssess, please complete the registration of intent form here.