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Transformative bursary funding keeps on giving huge benefits to learners at Eastleigh College

In November 2019, iTEC & VTCT launched the newly created Grants and Bursaries Programme with an event hosted at Eastleigh College in their East Avenue Restaurant.

The Grants and Bursaries Programme was initiated by the VTCT Board of Trustees and assists in the fulfilment of our charitable purpose, with the focus of the programme to assist and support learners between the ages of 16-25 years taking an iTEC or VTCT qualification.  We have gifted bursary funding to 15 centres so far, including Eastleigh College themselves.

Eastleigh College is an approved training centre delivering VTCT qualifications in Hospitality and Hair & Beauty. We awarded £2500 to the Hospitality department and £2500 to the Hair & Beauty department to invest in the latest professional kitchen and salon equipment for the benefit of the learners.

Kelly Small, curriculum manager for Hair & Beauty said: “Thank you VTCT so much for the bursary – it is vital we keep updating our equipment to give our students the best experience possible and we are now putting a wish list together to see how best to invest the funds.”

Sue Lyons is the Hospitality & Catering curriculum manager and manager/assessor of the Eastleigh College East Avenue Restaurant. She said: “We are delighted with the professional food mixers we bought with our half share of the £5000 bursary. The learners have used them no end over the last few weeks making Christmas goodies. This bursary provides a valuable addition to our industry-standard learning environment, which all learners can use and appreciate.”

Lou Gittens, Head of Curriculum and Vice Principal of Eastleigh College said: “We are deeply grateful for the generosity of VTCT that has enabled our Hair & Beauty and Hospitality departments to continue to invest in the equipment they need to provide a great learning experience. Our learners will play a pivotal role in the economic recovery post-Covid-19 and this funding ensures more people can experience the tools and techniques they need to get ahead.”