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Sports Massage Therapist – Advent Calendar Day 18

Sports Massage Therapist Career

Sports Massage Therapist PDFFor Advent Calendar Day 18, we are continuing to explore the Sport, Active Health and Fitness sector by opening the door to a career as a Sports Massage Therapist.

As a Sports Massage Therapist, you can work in clinics, spas, health and fitness clubs, or for a sports team. You could also be self-employed, working from home, offering mobile services or opening your own clinic.

We have asked industry and education experts to answer some of the key queries that you may have as you start thinking about your dream career in this sector. Click the information sheet to read their insights.

Today we have explored just one of many career paths within the Sport, Active Health and Fitness industry; there is a wide range of choices available. Want to know what other jobs are available in this sector? Visit our career pathways page to see all the career options available through our qualifications.

Below are some of the suggested qualifications that you could take.

Level 3 Sports Massage Practitioner

Level 3 allows learners to practise sports massage on people with non-pathological tissue. i.e. those people without injuries but wishing to use sports massage for maintenance, pre-event, inter-event, and post-event massage.

 Level 4 Sports Massage Practitioner

Level 4 builds on the above by introducing advanced injury assessment techniques and treatments so that learners can work with clients that require sports massage for the above, plus for reasons relating to the treatment and management of sports injuries.

Level 5 Sports Massage Practitioner

Level 5 builds on the above with additional injury assessment techniques and additional soft tissue treatment techniques. It still includes treatment and management of sports injuries.

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