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Sam’s Barbering Traineeship success with Realise Training

In recent years, we have all seen a steady increase in the popularity of men’s facial hair, and as a result, the Barbering industry has seen an increase in customers seeking professional services to keep their beards in check. With the increased demand, there have been a number of barbershops looking to increase their staff with more professionally trained and highly-skilled individuals joining their team. The Barbering industry is dynamic and fast-paced, and there are always new and innovative ways for barbers to cut and style. A barbering training course provides learners with the required skills to excel, not only in barbering but also with those all-important employability skills.

A Traineeship is ideally used as a pre-apprenticeship course as it can be designed to test and prepare a learner for what it is like to work as an apprentice. On-the-job work experience is at the heart of the Traineeship and prepares a learner for the next level of learning that will come in a future apprenticeship. Traineeships can be tailored to meet the needs of the learner because the training provider can choose a combination of appropriate qualifications to fulfil the requirement.

Although a traineeship is not a prerequisite for any of the new Professional Standard Apprenticeships, it is a great way for aspiring Barbers to really understand what it takes to work day in and day out as a Barber. It allows them to gain experience doing the actual work and not just the theory of what it would be like. It also teaches them what it will take for them to be successful on an Apprenticeship and later as an employee.

Sam, Barbering trainee with Realise Training

Aspiring Barber, Sam

We had the pleasure of speaking with Sam who has just finished a Barbering Traineeship with Realise Training, a VTCT training provider based in Yorkshire and Humber, East and West Midlands and the North West of England. Sam was Realise’s first Barbering Trainee to complete their 8-week programme completing the Level 1 Certificate in Hairdressing & Barbering and Level 2 Certificate in Developing Employability Skills.

Sam has completed his training at The Mardy Barber, a contemporary barbershop located in the Broomhill area of Sheffield. George Wish, Sam’s manager, was delighted to share his plan to sign Sam up as his apprentice on the VTCT Level 2 Diploma for Hair Professional (Barbering) qualification after the current lockdown ends. George says, “Taking Sam through his Traineeship with Realise has been a fantastic way for him to identify if Barbering was what he really wanted to do. It gave him the experience of working within the Barbershop and seeing how hard the work is that we do.”

George, Sam’s Manager

George continued, “Sam has really shown dedication and drive. He understands fully the long hours and the challenges we face daily, including how important it is to follow Covid guidelines. I am signing Sam up to his apprenticeship and can’t wait for him to start working on the shop floor.”

Continued support from the training provider is vital for employers and learners throughout a Traineeship, and for George and Sam, this has been no different. George added, “Working with Realise on this Traineeship has been excellent with the support and guidance we receive all the time for both me and for Sam.” With the confidence of a well-trained apprentice in his Barbershop, George is looking forward to one day following Sam’s future success and career in the industry.

We spoke to Sam about his Traineeship course and asked if he felt it has enhanced his career and he said, “The traineeship has helped me understand how an apprenticeship is structured. I have enjoyed working alongside other barbers and being part of a team, as well as learning on the job. My assessors have been very helpful and I’ve enjoyed the work that I have completed so far.”

Sam’s father also shared his thoughts about his son’s progress and future prospects following his traineeship, “Sam has found the whole course supportive and all staff approachable from both Realise and Mardy Barbers.”

The proud father continued, “Sam enjoys the Barber’s life and it suits his personality. He has adapted well to the Zoom calls during lockdown and we can leave him to manage the work set by all parties. He enjoys the visits in his workplace from the assessors and is looking forward to doing his Level 2 Barbering Apprenticeship course in the near future.”