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How Level 3 Apprentice Keeley has levelled up her confidence as well as her studies – National Apprenticeship Week

Keeley Fitzpatrick started her career journey with a Level 2 Apprenticeship in Hairdressing at Hampshire based Haha Training. She enjoyed her experience so much, she has stayed with them and is now working towards a  Level 3 Apprenticeship. She chose an apprenticeship as she loves being hands-on while learning and simultaneously getting the experience of working in a salon environment. Keeley says, “I have loved meeting new people and working within a team. I always found it hard before to interact with people, but studying at college while being in a work placement has given me the opportunity to open up more and socialise with people.”

A hairdressing apprenticeship is considered by many in the industry to be the best way to learn, as it is truly a hands-on approach. Most students develop their foundational knowledge more quickly because they are practising what they are learning in the classroom. Because it involves real workplace experience, apprentices can gain other skills and insights that their peers might miss out on if only learning in the classroom. During her apprenticeship, Keeley has commented that she has picked up a huge range of expertise, not only hairdressing techniques but also employability attributes and personal confidence. Haha Training places a real focus on developing apprentices in all areas to ensure they’re job-ready when they finish their course.

Keeley explained that before starting her apprenticeship, she struggled with speaking up, adding, “The biggest challenge during my apprenticeship was definitely the confidence side of things. I have learnt to start conversations with customers and also with my team at college. In the hairdressing industry, there is nowhere to hide. You have to dive in headfirst and enjoy every moment because no matter what, you have to talk to everyone and show a positive attitude in everything you do.”

More often than not, hairdressing apprentices will have the opportunity to stay on in their salon after they complete their qualification. Whether they stay or go somewhere else, they’ll be in a great position to secure a job. Keeley is already thinking about her future plans and would love to become a more advanced hairstylist, working her way up in the salon where she is now. She also would like to one day pass on her apprenticeship experiences to the next generation. “In 5 years I hope to still be at my current salon, seeing many new faces come through the door and building up my clientele. I would love to be able to support new apprentices and team members through their journeys and help guide them in the right direction like others did for me.”

Keeley is enthusiastic about all aspects of her apprenticeship training and feels credit is due to those who have guided her through. “The things I appreciate the most are the amazing team I work with, and I couldn’t have done it without the help of my college too. They have supported me and believed in me when I didn’t believe in myself and pushed me to be my best. For that, I am so grateful and I cannot wait to finish my Level 3 and become the best version of myself I can be.”