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Employer Danielle says an Apprenticeship is much more than a qualification – National Apprenticeship Week

Danielle has been working at Treat Your Skin Salon (TYS) in Havant, Hampshire, for over 7 years and has progressed from the role of Beauty Therapist, completing her qualifications and becoming very knowledgeable in the beauty industry, to ready her for her current role as the Salon Manager.

Now, in her capacity as an employer, she takes on apprentices from Hampshire Apprenticeship Hairdressing Academy (HAHA), who are affiliated with nearby Portsmouth College, and has done so since 2013; she’s convinced of the benefits it provides talented young adults. “I believe it gives young students a chance to experience our wonderful industry first hand which is fantastic for their confidence,” she explains. Danielle also recognises the benefits provided to apprentices as they are earning an income while they study an industry-recognised qualification.

Danielle and her team couldn’t be more pleased with the results that they have received over the years. They find the rewards have not only been beneficial for TYS Salon, allowing them to increase their company success, but also seeing their protégés flourish during their time with the salon. “Watching each student grow in confidence and in talent is remarkable,” Danielle enthuses. She continues, “Each student starts with relatively no experience or prior knowledge of the industry and they grow to become a real asset on the team; it really is so rewarding to see all their hard work pay off.”

Not only do her apprentices thrive professionally at TYS, but because they are regularly dealing with the public, they have also developed a real sense of service and often use their position to do great things in their community. Danielle shares, “In 2019, our apprentice Keeley Fitzpatrick raised over £1000 for a charity very close to her heart by shaving her beautiful locks all while working in the salon. I couldn’t be more proud of her.”

Of course, Danielle’s own positive attitude towards learning easily rubs off on her apprentices. She understands that keeping track of a dynamic and ever-changing industry helps her to pass on the latest and best practices sharing, “This industry is forever growing and I’m honestly so proud to be a part of it. There is always something new to learn and that’s what inspires me most. It’s great as it keeps me on my toes!”

Looking back to her own roots in the industry, she reminisces, “Once qualified, I was itching to get into a salon. I gradually worked my way up to becoming a Salon Manager, and since then, I have been involved in the hiring and the development of each apprentice.”

Although for Danielle, apprenticeships in Hair and Beauty were not an option for her when she trained, she says “For me now, it would be a no brainer. You can’t truly understand the industry until you’re in a working salon environment, therefore what better way to learn.”

She urges anyone considering an apprenticeship to go for it saying, “I honestly believe that what you gain from an apprenticeship is much more than just a qualification.”