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Suffolk New College are committed to learners’ Mental Health Awareness – Mental Health Awareness Week

“In my view, mental health awareness helps a lot to cope with different situations when I am working with clients in the beauty industry. Gaining this knowledge means that I can advise them with where to seek help. It is extremely important because everybody needs to be aware of people’s feelings and know how to accept and support everybody for who they are, no matter what conditions they have to deal with.” This is how one of the skilful future beauty therapists, completing the VTCT Level 1 in Mental Health Awareness qualification, describes the necessity for everyone to have the knowledge of mental health both in and out of the workplace. The close contact that beauty therapists have with their clients, often means that casual small talk can quickly lead to customers disclosing their struggles. And with a sector so renowned for its compassionate and customer-centric approach, being armed with the tools to support those in need is crucial.

And sometimes, it’s not as simple as an explicit disclosure. Ill mental health can affect anyone, at any time and being able to notice the nuances in the potential symptoms in yourself, colleagues and clients may be the catalyst for someone to go and seek the aid of a professional. One learner from Suffolk New College expresses, “A few things surprised me such as knowing the symptoms of certain mental illnesses and how a number of different things can affect your mental health no matter how big or small it may seem from the outside. I can use what I have learned to help people and understand their feelings, as well as my own feelings, better.”

There are approximately 762 million people affected by mental health issues globally and that number is sharply rising due to the destabilisation of the sudden Coronavirus pandemic. The impact of the pandemic on our industries has been devastating and as salons, gyms and other establishments begin to reopen and work to get back to normality, it’s critical that we all learn how to support those that may be struggling.

Suffolk New CollegeSuffolk New College are committed to Mental Health, one of the innovative centres that we are highlighting this Mental Health Awareness week, is committed to supporting their learners to flourish in the beauty industry and provide a holistic service to clients. Curriculum Coordinator Madeline Broughton uses her 13 years of teaching expertise to deliver the Level 1 in Mental Health Awareness qualification at the centre.  “The students can benefit from the ability to gain knowledge of mental health, raise awareness of the situations that could trigger mental ill health, the wider impact mental health has as a whole and identify the signs of those struggling with mental health problems”, she says, “I believe the learners will better understand their own mental health and of those around them. This will encourage a more empathetic view to disorders that could present themselves within the people they interact with, in and out of the beauty industry.”

Our suite of Mental Health qualifications has been expertly developed to provide learners with a solid understanding of what constitutes good mental health and mental ill-health and how to recognise the signs and symptoms of a number of mental health conditions. Learners will also develop an awareness of the types of support available for mental health conditions and how to access them.

Find out more about our Mental Health Qualifications and our special Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Webinar.