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Registration Help – 6 Tips and Tricks for registering learners

Registration help is one of your top concerns and something we get asked a lot of questions about. We’ve put together a list of tips and tricks to help make it easier for you to get learners registered on their qualifications.


Registration help - learner dataLearner Data

Ensure learner data is accurate and complete before submitting registrations and certificate claims.

Provide a Unique Learner Number (ULN) or Scottish Candidate Number (SCN) where possible.

We strongly encourage you to request formal ID from learners to ensure proper names are provided instead of preferred names.

The names and spellings provided at registration are used for certification therefore submitting incorrect learner details will not only lead to delayed registrations/exams, but also administrative charges.


When should you register your learners?


Learners should be registered with VTCT (via this link) within the first eight weeks of being on-programme.


Guidance and support

Need help getting learners registered? Guidance documents are available behind the centre login on our website, but you can also contact Customer Support for assistance with queries or completing registrations.


Registration help - making amendmetsMaking amendments

If you need to make a change to learner details or qualifications, requests for amendments should be sent to registration@vtct.org.uk. We aim to reply within 5 working days (longer during peak periods).

Please note that:

Supporting evidence is required for name changes (surname/forename), for example, deed polls, marriage/divorce certificates.

Amendments can include: transfers (qualification/centre*), withdrawals, records merge.

*A Learner Transfer Request Form is required for this:


Returning learners

For learners returning or undertaking further study with VTCT, you should ensure their lifetime VTCT registration numbers are captured and included in any new registrations. Failure to include this information will lead to delayed registrations and exams.

If your learner does not know their number they can contact Customer Support to find it out.

It is good practice to have this discussion upon enrolment as this will also help to avoid delays with transfers (where a learner has already been registered for the same qualification with a different centre). Duplicate registrations for the same qualification cannot be processed therefore any attempts will be removed.


Registration help - auto registrationAuto Registration

Auto-registration applies for Infection Prevention qualifications. When registering a VTCT qualification that has a pre-requisite, the appropriate COVID qualification will automatically register on the learner’s record. Auto-registration is designed to support a smooth process and prevent any additional administrative burden on you as the centre.



If you require further Registration help, Contact Us.