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Mageirocophobia – Advent Calendar Day 24

Mageirocophobia is the irrational fear of cooking. With the upcoming holidays and family get-togethers, no doubt you may be feeling a bit daunted about all the kitchen time you’re going to be spending, but spare a thought for those people who really find it impossible to whip up a meal.

Someone suffering from this condition will often experience very high anxiety when even thinking about cooking, let alone actually cooking themselves. In fact, if they were to be near someone else who was cooking or if they themselves were somehow pressured into cooking then they may experience a full-blown panic attack as a result of it.

Mageirocophobics may even find it very challenging to go out to eat in case there’s an open kitchen and they see someone cooking or even if they just see kitchen equipment, or someone in chef’s whites in more extreme cases.

Someone with Mageirocophobia may find themselves eating foods that do not require cooking to try and avoid their triggers. Although this may help them to reduce some of their anxiety, it may make things worse in the long term due to the fact that by actively avoiding their fear of cooking, they are also reinforcing that fear.

The condition could also lead to vitamin and mineral deficiencies and even malnourishment due to the fact that they may be limited in terms of foods they can eat. However, this may lead sufferers to eat a healthier diet of raw fruits, vegetables and salads.

If you happen to be the complete opposite of a Mageirocophobic, we may have something for you.

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