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Pilates student Kayleigh Gilbert – Future Fit Training

Our final guest post from VTCT centre Future Fit Training showcases, Pilates student, Kayleigh Gilbert. Read below to find out more about Kayleigh’s experience as a learner. 



Kayleigh Gilbert is a current Pilates student for Future Fit Training; Future Fit worked with Kayleigh to understand some key points that they can take away from her Pilates qualifications. Kayleigh has explored several different courses and qualifications with Future Fit including Pilates with Small Equipment, Pilates for common Orthopedic Conditions and Living Longer Better.

What qualifications are you studying?

I am currently studying for my pre and postnatal Pilates qualification.

Why did you choose this qualification?

As some of my clients have become pregnant, what a great time to understand how I can help them continue safely practising pilates through their pregnancy. As their bodies change it’s essential to be able to know how I can give them adaptations to exercises so they can feel confident and comfortable through each trimester.

What do you plan to do after you complete your qualification?

Once qualified, I plan to open up more private 1:1s for future mums. This is so each class can be specific to the client’s needs and make them feel safe to continue as their bodies change.

What have you liked best about the qualification?

I’ve liked learning and understanding how physically and mentally the clients go on a journey both pre and postnatal and hopefully I will be able to help them along the way with pilates and understand how different each trimester will be for them.

What was something you weren’t expecting but enjoyed?

While studying I also helped 1 pregnant client and  I wasn’t expecting to feel an overwhelming sense of joy, watching my client blossom week to week, being part of her pregnancy journey and seeing her baby bump grow. A magical and very special time as a Pilates instructor.

What was the biggest challenge during the qualification?

The biggest challenge was time management of my studying. Each week I would designate a section of my day to continue my studies. However, sometimes it went out the window with life being hectic. Understanding it might take longer to complete around my busy life, but slowly I will get there.

Were there any challenges you faced in order to start the qualification? How did you overcome them?

When starting the course the challenge I faced was doing the course online, as I’m a visual learner and love to be in the room this was something I definitely needed to adapt to. Even if it meant I would have to go over each section a few times to really understand and absorb the information.

What are your plans now that you are done?

I am hoping to finish the course in the next couple of weeks. Then later on in the year to study and qualify for small equipment for pilates.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

In 5 years, hopefully, I will still be teaching pilates, have my own wellness retreats in the UK/aboard and have created an on-demand platform for people to practise pilates from anywhere at any time. I still love my job and the community I have built.

What do you appreciate the most about the experience?

My experience of learning about pre and postnatal has helped me to become a better instructor and understand how the woman’s body changes and can affect exercise. I hope to be able to give more knowledge to each of my clients through their special journey.