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VTCT launches new hub to encourage employer engagement with qualification reform

As we strive to meet the demands of the modern work environment through the provision of an innovative curriculum, we need employer backing to take forward a refined set of qualifications that are absolutely fit for purpose. This supports the Department for Education’s initiative to ‘reduce the complexity and variable quality of the current system’ by creating a clearer landscape of qualifications at level 3 and below.

The reforms are working to key milestones and are being tackled in multiple phases. This will include the following areas:

Cycle 1 – 2023

  • Health and Science (including Sport)
  • Education and Childcare

Cycle 2 – 2024

  • Hair and Beauty
  • Care Services
  • Catering and Hospitality
  • Legal, Finance and Accounting
  • Business & Administration
  • Transport and Logistics

Part of our mission has always been to offer learners direct line of sight to a job. That’s why we’re thrilled by the recent launch of our new ‘‘Reform’s Hub’, which will act as a central location for employers and providers to partner with us in the revision of some of our most valued qualifications, ensuring their suitability for the next generation of learners.

Allowing us to promote upcoming panel events, as well as a forward timeline of how and when employers can get involved, we will use the hub to reach out to our contacts about the opportunities most relevant to them and encourage clear and simple participation.

If you are interested in participating in qualification reform please visit the hub or enter your details to join our mailing list.