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The life-changing magic of apprenticeships…

We spoke to Daizy, of ‘Daizy Doos’ in Kent, proud Salon owner and grateful former apprentice about her career journey…

“I started my apprenticeship in 2017 after being at university for 3 years. I decided it wasn’t for me and started my journey to become a hair stylist.

I realised very quickly that choosing what you want to do after leaving school would be very difficult. Desperately not wanting to make the wrong decisions when determining your own career path. Having done an apprenticeship, I can wholeheartedly say that it changed my life. I would not be where I am without it and my only regret is not doing it sooner!

A great thing about leaving school and going into an apprenticeship is that you get paid to learn your preferred skill, whilst having hands on experience in a job role that you want to pursue as a career. This will also benefit you by giving you a huge upper hand when applying for jobs in the future as you will already have previous experience when other candidates may not have had. However, if you are like me and go into an apprenticeship later on, you will have a bit of a pay cut which is difficult for the first year but it definitely pays off in the long run. Sometimes to reach your end goal, it means cutting back on certain things. Thankfully a year goes by very quickly when you are working hard!

During my apprenticeship I gained so much knowledge from so many different people around me. I made so many links, contacts and met so many inspirational people. I was offered some amazing experiences. One of the being working on the 2019 British fashion awards, after being selected by my manager. This was such an amazing experience to have under my belt as I was working with some of the top hairdressers around the country!

Like many jobs, an apprenticeship can be challenging (especially for an introvert like myself), but it helped me come out of my shell, gain confidence in my abilities, skills and most importantly, I gained confidence in myself which enabled me to reach my end goal and open my own salon. I am so grateful to everyone I have met along the way and everyone who has supported me to get where I am now.”

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