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How to craft a winning nomination entry – VTCT Excellence Awards 2024

Winning a VTCT Excellence Award is an outstanding achievement and a great way to give a learner, colleague or centre well-deserved recognition. If you have an exceptional individual or organisation in mind, you can nominate here. However, if you are unsure about how to create an impactful nomination entry, this guide will give you the tools you need to get started.

Use Specific Examples

One of the keys to a winning nomination entry is specificity – the judges need to know exactly why your nominee is deserving. Provide concrete examples that highlight your nominee’s exceptional qualities and share instances where their actions made a significant impact, emphasising the tangible results of their efforts.

Don’t be afraid to use evidence: do you have any numbers to back up your claims, can you name specific initiatives your centre has implemented, or can you refer to a specific time your learner really showed commitment to their qualification? This all helps to write an entry that will stand out.

Showcase Above-and-Beyond Contributions

Elevate your entry by showcasing examples that go beyond the ordinary. Highlight instances where the nominee has exceeded expectations, demonstrating a commitment to excellence that surpasses standard business practices.

Remember, the judges are looking to see what makes your establishment, colleague, or learner special, so make sure to highlight only their most stand-out moments.

Upload Supplementary Evidence

Support your narrative with tangible proof. You have the option to upload any evidence you believe really supports your entry, so make the most of it. Include supplementary evidence such as photos, testimonials, or any other documentation that adds depth to the nominee’s achievements. Visual and tangible proof can significantly enhance the credibility of your entry.

Use the word count to your advantage

Make every word count by utilising the allocated word count to its fullest. You have 500 words to use, but this doesn’t mean you have to use all of it – as long as you make every word count to show us how incredible your nominee is. Craft a concise yet impactful narrative that effectively communicates the nominee’s achievements, leaving a lasting impression on the judges.

Don’t be afraid to add a human touch

Don’t shy away from adding a human touch to your entry. If your nominee has had to overcome challenges and adversity – share it in your entry. Highlighting personal growth and resilience adds a compelling layer to the entry, resonating with the judges on a deeper level.

Use the Judging Criteria

The exact criteria that you will be assessed against can be found on the VTCT Excellence Awards nomination page. Align your entry with this, and you will drastically increase the likelihood of catching our judges’ eye. Remember, the examples highlighted in the criteria are a guide, and if you have other examples you can use, don’t be afraid to showcase them.

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