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James Tennyson

Centre: Train Direct, Belfast, Ireland

Qualifications: VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training

When most 19 to 20-year olds are out enjoying themselves, one dedicated young VTCT learner spent his last teenage years supporting his family and trying to better not only their lives but his own future. At the tender age of 19, VTCT learner James Tennyson forfeited the chance of furthering a very successful amateur boxing career that saw him represent Ireland to secure his future in the fitness industry and support his family. James went in search of several jobs to try and get the money to put himself through a VTCT personal trainer course. After many unsuccessful attempts and endless application forms, he decided to do something that is unheard of in Northern Ireland; he decided to fight for money and turned to the hard and physically demanding world of professional boxing. He made great sacrifices and took many chances to chase his dream, after four fights and four wins he was rewarded for his dedication and bravery and got a chance to fight for the Super Featherweight Title of Ireland, something that had not been achieved for some 65 years. Beyond belief, he won the title by a second round knockout and was named Champion after only his fifth fight. He now had the money for his VTCT personal training course. So after much research he joined the Train Direct course that would provide him with the opportunity to gain his VTCT Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.

He started at Train Direct in Belfast, and soon passed his level 1 and 2 personal training, while successfully taking three more fights he completed the course.