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Tim Curbbun

Centre: Chesterfield College


Tim Curbbun took his love for Beauty Therapy and turned it into a thriving career via various qualifications and an apprenticeship.

I love the beauty industry! It has always been my interest, my passion and my life. I feel endless job satisfaction by making people feel the best they can be and I ensure every client I see feels valued and wants to return through their trust in me as a therapist. 

Originally I did A levels, with the intention of being a primary school teacher, and after a short stint at university I knew this was not the career for me. Beauty and makeup was always a passion of mine, so I decided to pursue a career in this industry. I started by helping within the fragrance department in Boots in Chesterfield and was soon spotted by a manager for Lancôme, where I worked for over 7 years in various roles.  

Throughout my career with Lancôme I continued with education. I studied beauty therapy Level 2 at Chesterfield College, Media make up at Syreeta’s academy and returned to Chesterfield College to complete my level 3 in beauty therapy and various ESF courses as a mature apprentice. 

I started my apprenticeship with a close friend of mine who opened a salon called Zest by Inez. Using previous skills, I helped to develop the salon. I still work at the salon part time and we  have a successful business run on the ethics of a friendly and welcoming salon with professional services provided. We have many regular clients, who we feel are all part of our Zest family. 

My ambition was to take beauty further, in a role where I could educate and make a difference to people’s lives. I strived to achieve this, and my dedication secured me a place on a TAQA assessing course. I now have the ability to support, educate and make a difference to the lives of students through my assessing career.

I ensure that commercial salons within college are run as a true to life salon experience to get students work ready. A salon manager is chosen to do management tasks and another is chosen to trade test those without a client. I have also modernised previous systems to standardise the assessment process. Due to my career experiences and the growing demand for sales in salons, I also encourage sales practices in every session.

I have made salon links within the local area and have gained trust in providing professional staff members, and gaining students valuable, career changing experiences. This has also increased the demand for apprentices within our department.

Throughout my time as a therapist I have held various charity events, pamper parties within the community and offer beauty and make up services to transvestites. 

As a male in the beauty industry, there have been many challenges, however the support and guidance by my friends, family, employers and the staff at Chesterfield College has propelled me into a glistening beauty career. 

Where do I go from here? As they say the only way is up! I’d love to get into teaching or a training role and continue from there.