Tech Award FAQs

General Questions

Does CO2A5 count for Progress 8?

Yes – it counts towards what is now termed the ‘open’ element (used to be bucket 3)

Is an on-site salon required to deliver the qualification?

No. An on-site salon is not required to deliver the VTCT Level 1/2 Technical Award in the Study of Hair and Beauty.

Are there re-take opportunities?

Learners who fail to achieve a Level 1 Pass for the examination are permitted ONE retake opportunity.

The retake must be in a different assessment series and it is expected that further teaching/tuition would have taken place.

Will the exam be completed online or as a written paper?

The assessment by examination will be undertaken online using VTCT’s Linx2Achieve assessment portal. For learners where on-screen testing is not appropriate, VTCT can arrange, following a reasonable adjustment submission, for alternative formats to be made available.

Will textbooks be available for this qualification?

VTCT will be developing learning resources and materials to support the delivery of the qualifications.

Can learners have a second attempt at the exam if they achieve a level 1 pass to try and improve their grade?

In relation to school performance table points, as opposed to individual learner results, it is always the first qualification result that stands, irrespective of whether a learner re-certificates again at a later date.