Key Account Manager

Danny Commander

Danny has been working in the Hair sector for the past 12 years managing accounts that contributed 1.4m of business each year.

Since leaving education he moved into Sales & Service. Danny sat his management programme in 2008-2010 and quickly progressed into management. Danny then joined the Hair sector as an Account Manager in 2011. Danny has vast experience that provides him with a unique approach to help create a successful outcome for the challenges that his centres may face. He understands the importance of a close working partnership and communicating on a regular basis.

In 2019 Danny worked as the lead College Hero and was successful in delivering the largest growth across as many years for whole of the Anglian area. Danny really enjoys a close working relationship and building plans to secure future business for his centres.

Outside work, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife and 4 young children. He is a sports fanatic and enjoys playing and watching football.

Danny joins iTEC/VTCT/Skillsfirst as a Key Account Manager, supporting centres across North England.