Skills Advisory Board Member

Keith Conniford

Keith has worked in the Hair and Beauty industry all of his life. He has an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the industry, from salons/spa’s, retailing, franchising to training and education (was a specialist in the Government funded arena) and e commerce/online sales.

He operated a Government sponsored Training contract for 24 years as a lead/prime contractor and has been involved in training apprentices and adults throughout his career. In addition his ethos is to ensure the highest quality of training and education whilst ensuring strong and decisive leadership and management.

He has been involved for many years in management training and has also sat on many ‘recognition’ panels including ‘Investors in People’ and ‘Action for Business Colleges’. He was also on the LSC Board (Learning and Skills Council) as a Non Executive Director in the southeast region for five years in addition to which he spent time on the LSC regional audit committee and the LSC South East capital committee.

He has always been a strong advocate of the industry gaining ‘regulation’ and as such is currently the CEO/Registrar of the Hair and Barber Council whose main mandate is to amend the current voluntary Act of Parliament to that of mandatory. Totally committed to the process to do all that he can to ensure the hairdressing, barbering and beauty industry finally gets the professional status and recognition it needs and deserves.